Henry VIII

King of England Henry VIII Full Name: Henry VIII


Profession: King of England
Why Famous: Henry was the second Tudor monarch after his father, Henry VII. During his forty year reign he led guided England through a series of intense changes, including domestic political changes to the constitution aimed at securing the divine right of kings.

After the Pope disagreed with Henry on the question of an annulment, he led the Church of England in it split from the Catholic Church, a process known as the English Reformation.

Henry is perhaps best known for his six marriages and for having several of his wives beheaded when they fell out of favor.

Born: June 28, 1491
Star Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: London, England

Died: January 28, 1547 (aged 55)

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Historical Events in the Life of Henry VIII

  • 1503-02-18 Henry Tudor (later Henry VIII) created Prince of Wales
  • 1509-06-24 Henry VIII is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey
  • 1513-08-16 Battle of the Spurs at Guinegate (now Eguinegatte): Henry VIII of England and Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I beat France
  • 1520-07-10 King Charles V France and King Henry VIII of England sign treaty of Calais
  • 1520-10-15 King Henry VIII of England orders bowling lanes at Whitehall
  • 1521-10-11 Pope Leo X titles King Henry VIII of England "Defender of the Faith"
  • 1527-04-30 Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France signed the Treaty of Westminster, pledging to combine their forces against Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in an attempt to win the War of the League of Cognac
  • 1529-06-18 Blackfriars begin: Henry VIII & Catharina of Aragon
  • 1530-03-07 King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope. Henry then declares that he, not the Pope, is supreme head of England's church.
  • 1531-02-11 Henry VIII recognised as supreme head of Church in England following the schism with Rome
  • 1532-06-23 Henry VIII of England & Francois I of France sign secret treaty against emperor Charles V
  • 1533-07-11 Pope Clement VII excommunicates England's King Henry VIII
  • 1534-04-15 Thomas Cromwell is appointed Chief Secretary to King Henry VIII
  • 1534-10-30 English Parliament passes Act of Supremacy, beginning process to make King Henry VIII head of the Church in England - a role formerly held by the Pope
  • 1534-11-03 English parliament accepts Act of Supremacy: Henry VIII becomes Head of Church of England
  • 1535-01-15 Henry VIII declares himself head of the Church in England
  • 1536-04-14 English King Henry VIII expropriates minor monasteries
  • 1536-05-19 Anne Boleyn, second wife of English King Henry VIII, is beheaded at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest and treason
  • 1538-12-17 Pope Paul II excommunicates King Henry VIII of England
  • 1540-06-24 English King Henry VIII commands his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves, to leave the court
  • 1541-05-06 King Henry VIII orders a bible in English be placed in every church in England
  • 1541-06-18 Irish parliament selects Henry VIII of England as King of Ireland
  • 1541-11-09 Queen Catherine Howard (Henry VIII's fifth wife) confined in Tower of London
  • 1543-02-11 Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and English King Henry VIII sign anti-French covenant
  • 1544-05-17 Scot Earl Matthew Lennox signs secret treaty with Henry VIII
  • 1544-09-18 English King Henry VIII's troops occupy Boulogne
  • 1544-09-30 King Henry VIII draws his armies out of France
  • 1545-07-19 King Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose sinks at Portsmouth; 73 die
  • 1547-01-28 9-year-old Edward VI succeeds Henry VIII as King of England

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