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Hipólito Yrigoyen

Argentine President Hipólito Yrigoyen

Profession: Argentine President


Biography: Twice President of Argentina (1916-22, 1928-30), his activism became the prime impetus behind the attainment of universal (male) suffrage in Argentina in 1912.

Known as “the father of the poor,” Yrigoyen presided over a rise in the standard of living of Argentina's working class together with the passage of a number of progressive social reforms, including improvements in factory conditions, regulation of working hours, compulsory pensions, and the introduction of a universally accessible public education system.

On September 6, 1930, Yrigoyen was deposed in a military coup led by General José Félix Uriburu. It was the first military coup since the adoption of the Argentine constitution.

Born: July 12, 1852
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: July 3, 1933 (aged 80)

Historical Events

  • 1930-09-06 Democratically elected Argentine president Hipólito Yrigoyen is deposed in a military coup.

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