Hiram Bingham

Archaeologist and Explorer Hiram Bingham

Full Name: Hiram Bingham III
Profession: Archaeologist and Explorer

United States of America

Biography: Bingham is most famous for discovering and bringing to the attention of the Western world the ancient Incan site of Machu Picchu, Peru.

He later became a U.S. Senator and the Governor of Connecticut.

Born: November 19, 1875
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: June 6, 1956 (aged 80)

Articles and Photos

Married Life

  • 1900-11-20 Archaeologist Hiram Bingham (25) weds Tiffany heiress Alfreda Mitchell in Honolulu, Hawaii

Historical Events

  • 1911-07-24 American explorer Hiram Bingham discovers Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas
  • 1924-12-16 Hiram Bingham is elected as a Republican to serve in the US Senate forcing him to resign as Governor of Connecticut after serving only one day in office, the shortest term of any Connecticut Governor