Hugh S. Johnson

Member of FDR's Brain Trust Hugh S. Johnson

Profession: Member of FDR's Brain Trust

United States of America

Biography: Johnson wrote numerous speeches for US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and helped plan the New Deal.

In 1933, Johnson was appointed as director of the National Recovery Administration by FDR, to bring industry, labor and government together to create codes of "fair practices" and to set prices and wages in the administration's battle against deflation.

He was Time's person of the year in 1933.

Born: August 5, 1881
Birthplace: Fort Scott, Kansas, USA
Star Sign: Leo

Died: April 15, 1942 (aged 60)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Historical Events

  • 1933-08-01 National Recovery Administration (NRA) is founded with Hugh S. Johnson as its first director

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