Hulk Hogan

WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan
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Full Name: Terry Bollea
Profession: WWF Wrestler

United States of America

Why Famous: The professional wrestler Hulk Hogan came to fame in the 1980s in the World Wrestling Federation. He set numerous records through the 1980s and 1990s including 12 world championships, as the longest reigning heavyweight champion of all time (1994-1995) and as the first man to win 2 consecutive royal rumbles (1990 and 1991). Hogan has performed in television and film, appearing in 'Thunder in Paradise' and the reality show 'Hogan knows Best'.

Born: August 11, 1953
Birthplace: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Age: 65 years old

Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Star Sign: Leo

Married Life

  • 1983-12-18 Wrestler Hulk Hogan (30) weds Linda Claridge
  • 2007-11-20 Linda Bollea (46) divorces professional wrestler Hulk Hogan (53) after 23 years of marriage
  • 2010-12-14 WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan (57) marries 2nd wife Jennifer McDaniel in Clearwater Florida

Historical Events in the Life of Hulk Hogan

  • 1983-01-24 Hulk Hogan pins Iron Sheik for World Wrestling Federation title
  • 1984-01-23 Hulk Hogan defeats Iron Sheik to become WWF champ
  • 1986-04-07 Wrestlemania II at 3 locations, Hulk Hogan beats King Kong Bundy
  • 1987-03-29 Wrestlemania III: 93,173 watch Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant
  • 1988-02-05 1st prime-time wrestling match in 30 yrs-Andre beats Hulk Hogan
  • 1989-04-02 Wrestlemania V at Trump Plaza, Hulk Hogan beats "Macho Man" Savage
  • 1990-04-01 Wrestlemania VI, 67,678 in Toronto, Ultimate Warrior beats Hulk Hogan
  • 1991-03-24 Wrestlemania VII in LA, Hulk Hogan pins Sgt Slaughter
  • 1991-11-27 Undertaker beats Hulk Hogan to become new WWF champ
  • 1991-12-03 Hulk Hogan defeats the Undertaker at 'This Tuesday in Texas' at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio to become 4-time WWF champion
  • 1992-04-05 Wrestlemania VIII, 62,167 at Hoosier Dome, Hulk Hogan DQs Sid Justice
  • 1993-04-04 Wrestlemania IX at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Hulk Hogan pins Yokozuna
  • 1993-06-13 YokoZuna beats Hulk Hogan to become WWF champ
  • 1994-07-17 Hulk Hogan beats Ric Flair to win WCW wrestling championship

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