Ivan Sutherland

Computer Scientist Ivan Sutherland Full Name: Ivan Sutherland

United States of America

Profession: Computer Scientist
Why Famous: Widely regarded as the 'father of computer graphics', Sutherland's teachings, inventions and students at the University of Utah spawned the foundation of computer graphics.

In 1963 he invented the Sketchpad program, revolutionary in its time, and a direct predecessor to modern-day graphical user interfaces and computer-aided design programs. For this invention he received the Turing Award in 1988.

Born: May 16, 1938 (80 years old)
Birthplace: Hastings, Nebraska, USA

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Star Sign: Taurus

Historical Events in the Life of Ivan Sutherland

  • 1963-01-30 Ivan Sutherland submits a thesis containing his Sketchpad program, a forerunner to modern-day graphic user interfaces and computer-aided design programs

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