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J. Edgar Hoover

First Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover

Full Name: John Edgar Hoover
Profession: First Director of the FBI

United States of America

Biography: Built the Federal Bureau of Investigation into a large crime-fighting organisation; but controversy surrounds the power he acquired in doing so, including intimations of secretive actions, blackmail and intimidation - even of US presidents.

Born: January 1, 1895
Birthplace: Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: May 2, 1972 (aged 77)
Cause of Death: Cardiovascular disease

Historical Events

  • 1917-07-26 J. Edgar Hoover gets job in US Department of Justice
  • 1918-12-30 John E Hoover decides to be called J. Edgar Hoover
  • 1919-12-21 J. Edgar Hoover deports anarchists/feminist Emma Goldman to Russia
  • 1921-08-22 J. Edgar Hoover becomes Assistant Director of the FBI
  • 1924-05-10 J. Edgar Hoover appointed head of FBI
  • 1924-06-15 J. Edgar Hoover assumes leadership of the FBI
  • 1936-05-01 FBI's J. Edgar Hoover arrests gangster Alvin "Creepy" Karpis
  • 1949-01-20 J. Edgar Hoover gives Shirley Temple a tear gas fountain pen
  • 1951-03-10 FBI director J. Edgar Hoover declines post of baseball commissioner
  • 1953-01-11 J. Edgar Hoover declines 6 figure offer to become president of International Boxing Club
  • 1963-10-31 J. Edgar Hoover's last meeting with President John F. Kennedy
  • 1964-11-18 J. Edgar Hoover describes Martin Luther King Jr. as a "most notorious liar"
  • 1964-12-01 Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to J. Edgar Hoover about his slander campaign
  • 1971-08-22 J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell announce the arrest of 20 of the "Camden 28".

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