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Jack Kilby

Engineer Jack Kilby

Full Name: Jack St. Clair Kilby
Profession: Engineer

United States of America

Why Famous: Kilby co-invented the first microchip along with Robert Noyce, revolutionizing computing and all other electronics equipment. The microchip is now an essential part of all modern appliances.

Kilby also invented the handheld calculator and the thermal printer.

Born: November 8, 1923
Birthplace: Jefferson City, Missouri, USA
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: June 20, 2005 (aged 81)
Cause of Death: Cancer

Married Life

  • 1948-06-27 Inventor Jack Kilby (24) weds Barbara Annegers

Events in the Life of Jack Kilby

  • 1958-09-12 Jack Kilby demonstrates his first integrated circuit (IC) to his supervisor

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