Jackie Mason

Comedian Jackie Mason

Full Name: Yacov Moshe Maza
Profession: Comedian

United States of America

Biography: Found fame for his series of one-man shows on Broadway such as the "World According to Me!" and for his various roles on TV shows like "The Ed Sullivan Show" and the sitcom "Chicken Soup".

Born: June 9, 1928
Birthplace: Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Generation: Silent Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Star Sign: Gemini

Died: July 24, 2021 (aged 93)

Married Life

  • 1991-08-14 Comedian Jackie Mason marries his manager Jyll Rosenfeld (37)

Historical Events

  • 1990-10-17 "Jackie Mason - Brand New" opens at Neil Simon Theater, NYC; runs for 216 performances
  • 1991-06-29 "Jackie Mason - Brand New" closes at Neil Simon Theater, NYC, after 216 performances
  • 1994-04-05 "Jackie Mason Politically Incorrect" opens at Golden Theater, NYC; runs for 347 performances
  • 1995-06-04 "Jackie Mason: Politically Incorrect" closes at Golden Theater, NYC, after 347 performances

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