James I

King of Scotland James I

Profession: King of Scotland


Biography: King of Scotland from April 4, 1406 to February 21, 1437. The first 18 years of the King's reign were spent in detention at the English court after he was captured and delivered there by pirates.

James was ransomed in 1424 and returned to Scotland. To help secure his crown James had some of his nobles executed and made others hostage. James was in turn murdered in 1437 by his uncle.

Born: July 25, 1394
Birthplace: Dunfermline Palace, Scotland
Star Sign: Leo

Died: February 21, 1437 (aged 42)
Cause of Death: Assassination

Historical Events

  • 1424-04-05 Scottish King James I returns to Scotland after 18 years of detention at the English court

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