Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Full Name: Jerry Seinfeld [Jerome Seinfeld]


Profession: Comedian
Why Famous: Seinfeld began his career as a stand up comedian before creating the TV sitcom "Seinfield" with Larry David in 1988.

The show (1989-98) in which Seinfeld played a caricature of himself became one of the most popular sitcoms ever in America.

The comedy was famously called "a show about nothing" and was the winner of a Grammy (1993) and a Golden Globe (1994).

Born: April 29, 1954 (63 years old)
Star Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Married Life

  • 1999-12-25 Comedian Jerry Seinfeld (45) marries PR executive Jessica Sklar (28)

Historical Events in the Life of Jerry Seinfeld

  • 1990-05-31 Seinfeld starring Jerry Seinfeld, debuts on NBC as Seinfeld Chronicles
  • 1993-02-28 7th American Comedy Award: Jerry Seinfeld
  • 1993-09-19 45th Emmy Awards: Seinfeld, Picket Fences & Ted Danson win
  • 1997-12-25 Jerry Seinfeld says this is the final season of his TV show
  • 1998-05-14 Last episode of Seinfeld on NBC (commercials are $2M for 30 seconds)

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