Jim Morrison

Poet and Rocker Jim Morrison

Full Name: James Douglas Morrison
Profession: Poet and Rocker

United States of America

Biography: Poet and singer-songwriter best known as the lead singer of the Los Angeles rock band "The Doors".

Morrison grew up a military brat, spending a nomadic childhood living wherever his US Navy officer father was stationed. He developed a fondness for literature, poetry, and philosophy while attending high schools in southern California and Virginia. He attended college in Florida, and graduated with a degree in film from UCLA in California.

After college, in 1965, he co-founded The Doors (named after Aldous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception"), becoming lead singer and primary lyricist, By 1967, The Doors had found success in the music world with their break-through song "Light My Fire". Morrison's behavior, fueled by substance abuse, became erratic and created legal and scheduling problems for the group. After recording their 6th album "L.A. Woman", in 1971, Morrison went to Paris for the summer. He drowned in a bathtub in his apartment there at the age of 27, exact cause of death undetermined - thought to be either heart failure or drug overdose.

Born: December 8, 1943
Birthplace: Melbourne, Florida, USA

Generation: Silent Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Goat/Sheep
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: July 3, 1971 (aged 27)
Cause of Death: Heart failure allegedly caused be an accidental heroin overdose

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Married Life

  • 1970-06-21 "The Doors" lead singer Jim Morrison (26) "marries" author Patricia Kennealy (24) in a celtic pagan hand fasting ceremony, but the marriage is not legally binding

Historical Events

  • 1967-09-17 American rock band "The Doors" appear for 1st and last time on "The Ed Sullivan Show"; singer Jim Morrison reneges on promise to change a lyric, prompting producers to offer no further invitations
  • 1967-12-09 Jim Morrison arrested on stage for disturbing the peace at the New Haven Arena, Connecticut, making him the 1st rock star to be taken into custody during a performance
  • 1969-03-01 Jim Morrison allegedly exposes himself on stage at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, Florida
  • 1969-11-11 Jim Morrison arrested on an airplane by the FBI for drunkenness
  • 1970-08-04 Jim Morrison arrested for public drunkenness in Los Angeles
  • 1970-08-10 Jim Morrison's trial for "lewd and lascivious behavior" begins in Miami, Florida
  • 1970-09-20 Jim Morrison found guilty of "open profanity and indecent exposure" after allegedly exposing himself at a concert in Miami in 1969
  • 1970-10-31 Jim Morrison is sentenced to six months in jail and a $500 fine for indecent exposure and open profanity, though remains free on a $50,000 bond pending appeal
  • 1971-03-11 Jim Morrison leaves for Paris to re-orient himself emotionally and creatively, and to avoid the jail sentence given to him in Miami, Florida. He never returns to the US.

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