Johan de Witt

Statesman and Advisor of Holland Johan de Witt

Profession: Statesman and Advisor of Holland


Biography: De Witt was a Dutch political figure during what has come to be called the Dutch Golden Age; when during the 1600s, the Dutch were a major commercial and naval power.

During this period, De Witt was a singly powerful politician; one descended from an influential family and whose brother Cornelis de Witt was also a prominent figure at the time.

While De Witt controlled the Dutch parliament for over 20 years, France and England invaded in 1672; it was anger over the apparent ease with which this had happened that led a mob to lynch both of the De Witt brothers in The Hague.

Born: September 24, 1625
Birthplace: Dordrecht, Netherlands
Star Sign: Libra

Died: August 20, 1672 (aged 46)
Cause of Death: Along with his brother de Witt was shot by members of The Hague's civic militia and left to the mob who strung up their naked, mutilated bodies on a public gibbet. The Orangist mob then ate their roasted livers in a cannibalistic frenzy.

Married Life

  • 1655-02-16 Grand Pensionary of Holland Johan de Witt marries Wendela Bicker

Historical Events

  • 1650-12-21 Johan de Witt installed as Dutch Pensionary of Dordrecht
  • 1653-07-30 Johan de Witt sworn in as the Grand Pensionary of Holland
  • 1672-06-21 Grand Pensionary of Holland Johan de Witt seriously wounded
  • 1672-08-20 Former Grand Pensionary of Holland Johan de Witt and his brother Cornelis are brutally murdered by an angry mob in The Hague

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