Johannes Kepler

Astronomer Johannes Kepler Full Name: Johannes Kepler


Profession: Astronomer
Why Famous: A key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution, he is best known for his laws of planetary motion, based on his works Astronomia nova, Harmonices Mundi, and Epitome of Copernican Astronomy. These works also provided one of the foundations for Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitation.

Born: December 27, 1571
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Weil der Stadt, Holy Roman Empire

Died: November 15, 1630 (aged 58)

Historical Events in the Life of Johannes Kepler

  • 1571-05-16 Johannes Kepler, by his own calculations, is conceived at 4:37 AM
  • 1595-07-19 Astronomer Johannes Kepler has an epiphany and develops his theory of the geometrical basis of the universe
  • 1600-02-04 Tycho Brahe & Johannes Kepler meet for first time near Prague
  • 1618-05-15 Johannes Kepler discovers harmonics law
  • 1620-08-07 Johannes Kepler's mother arrested for witchcraft

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