John C. Calhoun

Politician John C. Calhoun Full Name: John C. Calhoun

United States of America

Profession: Politician
Why Famous: Best known for his intense and original defense of slavery as something positive, his distrust of majoritarianism, and for pointing the South toward secession from the Union.

Born: March 18, 1782
Birthplace: Abbeville, South Carolina, USA
Star Sign: Pisces

Died: March 31, 1850 (aged 68)
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

Married Life

  • 1811-01-08 US Vice President John C. Calhoun (28) weds Floride Bonneau (19)

Historical Events in the Life of John C. Calhoun

  • 1832-12-28 John C. Calhoun becomes 1st VP to resign (differences with President Jackson)

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