John Dillinger

Gangster John Dillinger Full Name: John Dillinger

United States of America

Profession: Gangster
Why Famous: Gangster and bank robber during the Great Depression. His gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations, while Dillinger himself escaped from jail twice.

Born: June 22, 1903
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: July 22, 1934 (aged 31)
Cause of Death: Killed by federal agents

Historical Events in the Life of John Dillinger

  • 1933-06-10 John Dillinger robs his first bank, in New Carlisle, Ohio. He takes $10, 600
  • 1933-10-12 John Dillinger escapes from jail in Allen County, Ohio
  • 1933-10-23 John Dillinger and his gang rob Central National Bank, in Greencastle, Indiana. They take $75, 000
  • 1934-03-03 John Dillinger breaks out of jail using a wooden pistol
  • 1934-06-22 John Dillinger is informally named America's first Public Enemy Number One

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