John Elway

NFL Quarterback John Elway Full Name: John Elway


Profession: NFL Quarterback
Why Famous: One of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, he led the Denver Broncos to five Super Bowl appearances and two victories. He was known for performing his best in the clutch, thanks in large part to the 1987 AFC Championship Game against the Cleveland Browns where he helped engineer a 98-yard, game-tying touchdown drive, which would become known as "The Drive".

He is currently the General Manager of the Denver Broncos.

Born: June 28, 1960 (58 years old)
Star Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Port Angeles, Washington, USA

Married Life

  • 1984-03-03 Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway (23) weds swimmer Janet Buchan in Menlo Park, California
  • 2003-12-29 Retired NFL quarterback John Elway (43) divorces first wife Janet Buchan after 18 years of marriage
  • 2009-08-29 Retired Denver Bronco's quarterback John Elway (49) weds former Oakland Raiders cheerleader Paige Green

Historical Events in the Life of John Elway

  • 1983-04-26 NFL Draft: Stanford quarterback John Elway first pick by Baltimore Colts
  • 1985-12-02 NFL quarterback legends Dan Marino and John Elway face each other for the first time, a 30-26 victory for the Dolphins (Marino 390 yards and 3 touchdowns)
  • 1987-01-11 "The Drive" game: trailing Cleveland Browns 20-13 with 5:32 remaining in the AFC Championship Game, Denver quarterback John Elway drives his team 98 yards for a touchdown to tie, Broncos then win in overtime advancing to Super Bowl XXI
  • 1999-01-31 Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver Broncos beats Atlanta Falcons 34-19 at Pro Player Stadium, Miami, John Elway MVP
  • 1999-05-02 John Elway announces his retirement from the NFL
  • 1999-09-13 John Elway's #7 jersey is retired by the Denver Broncos
  • 2004-08-08 John Elway is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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