John Flamsteed

1st Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed

Profession: 1st Astronomer Royal


Biography: Flamsteed was, in 1675, made "The King's Astronomical Observator" and with this became the first Astronomer Royal. In this role, he laid the foundation for the internationally-renowned Royal Greenwich Observatory.

He is best known for preparing the Catalogus Brittanicus, which catalogued 3,000 stars; and for his star atlas, Atlas Coelestic. He was also the first to observe Uranus, which he mistook for a star.

Born: August 19, 1646
Birthplace: Denby, England
Star Sign: Leo

Died: December 31, 1719 (aged 73)

Historical Events

  • 1662-09-12 John Flamsteed sees partial solar eclipse, stirs his interest in astronomy
  • 1675-03-04 John Flamsteed appointed 1st Astronomer Royal of England
  • 1675-08-10 King Charles II and John Flamsteed lay the foundation stone of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London
  • 1690-12-23 English astronomer John Flamsteed observes Uranus without realizing it's undiscovered
  • 1715-04-29 English Astronomer John Flamsteed observes Uranus for 6th time

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