John Jacob Astor

Businessman John Jacob Astor Full Name: John Jacob Astor [Johann Jakob Astor]

United States of America

Profession: Businessman
Why Famous: The first multi-millionaire in the United States, Astor gained his fortune as a fur trade mogul who built an empire in Canada and the US.

Once he saw a decline in demand for this he diversified and invested in real estate, particularly focused on New York, and became a patron of the arts.

Born: July 17, 1763
Birthplace: Waldorf, Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: March 29, 1848 (aged 84)

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Historical Events in the Life of John Jacob Astor

  • 1808-04-06 John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company
  • 1810-06-23 John Jacob Astor organizes the Pacific Fur Company in Astoria, Oregon

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