John L. Sullivan

Heavyweight Boxing Champion John L. Sullivan

Full Name: John Lawrence Sullivan
Profession: Heavyweight Boxing Champion

United States of America

Biography: Recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, reigning for 10 years between 1882 and 1892.

Born: October 15, 1858
Birthplace: Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA
Star Sign: Libra

Died: February 2, 1918 (aged 59)
Cause of Death: Heart disease

Historical Events

  • 1882-02-07 Last bare knuckle champion John L. Sullivan KOs Paddy Ryan in Miss
  • 1884-11-17 Cops arrest boxer John L. Sullivan in his 2nd round for being "cruel"
  • 1885-08-29 Boxing's 1st heavyweight title fight with 3-oz gloves & 3-minute rounds fought between John L. Sullivan & Dominick McCaffrey
  • 1888-03-10 Heavyweight Boxing champ John L. Sullivan draws Charlie Mitchell in 30 rounds
  • 1888-12-22 Heavyweight boxing champ John L. Sullivan challenges Jake Kilrain
  • 1889-07-08 John L. Sullivan successfully defends last officially sanctioned, bare-knuckle world heavyweight prizefighting championship; Jake Kilrain's trainer throws in towel after 75 x 1-minute rounds near Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • 1892-09-07 James Corbett KOs 4 to 1 favourite and defending champion John L. Sullivan in 21 rounds at the Olympic Club, New Orleans for world heavyweight boxing title; Sullivan's only defeat and his last fight

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