John Madden

NFL Coach and Sportscaster John Madden Full Name: John Madden


Profession: NFL Coach and Sportscaster
Why Famous: Won the 1976 Super Bowl as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. After his coaching career, he became widely known as a colour commentator for NFL telecasts, paired with Pat Summerall and then Al Michaels. Also widely known for the long-running Madden NFL video game series.

Born: April 10, 1936 (82 years old)
Star Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Austin, Minnesota, USA

Married Life

  • 1959-12-26 NFL coach John Madden (23) weds Virginia Fields

Historical Events in the Life of John Madden

  • 1969-02-04 John Madden is named head coach of NFL's Oakland Raiders
  • 1978-11-05 Oakland Raider's John Madden becomes 13th coach to win 100 NFL games
  • 1979-11-25 Pat Summerall and John Madden broadcast a game together for the first time, a pairing that would last 22 years and become one of the most well-known partnerships in TV sportscasting history
  • 2006-02-09 Al Michaels joins NBC's "Sunday Night Football" broadcast with John Madden