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John Philip Holland

Engineer John Philip Holland

Profession: Engineer


Biography: Father of the Modern Submarine. Developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the U.S. Navy

Born: February 29, 1840
Birthplace: Liscannor, Ireland
Star Sign: Pisces

Died: August 12, 1914 (aged 74)

Historical Events

  • 1897-05-17 The first successful submarine that can run submerged for any considerable distance and combines electric and gasoline engines is launched in the USA by its designer John Philip Holland
  • 1898-03-17 John Philip Holland achieves successful test run for the first modern submarine off Staten Island, submerging for 1 hour 40 minutes
  • 1900-04-11 The first modern submarine designed and built by John Philip Holland is purchased by the U.S. Navy
  • 1900-10-12 The first modern submarine is commissioned by the U.S. Navy as the USS Holland, named for its designer John Philip Holland

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