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John T. Scopes

Teacher Convicted for Teaching Evolution John T. Scopes

Full Name: John Thomas Scopes
Profession: Teacher Convicted for Teaching Evolution

United States of America

Born: August 3, 1900
Birthplace: Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Star Sign: Leo

Died: October 21, 1970 (aged 70)
Cause of Death: Cancer

Events in the Life of John T. Scopes

  • 1925-05-05 John T. Scopes arrested for teaching evolution in Tennessee
  • 1925-07-10 Jury selection takes place in US John T. Scopes evolution trial
  • 1925-07-21 John T. Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution in the “Scopes monkey trial” in Dayton, Tennessee, fined $100 and costs
  • 1927-01-15 Tennessee Supreme Court overturns (on a technicality) John T. Scopes' guilty verdict for teaching evolution, but the law itself remains in force

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