Julius III

Counter-Reformation Pope Julius III

Full Name: Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte
Profession: Counter-Reformation Pope


Biography: Julius III succeeded Paul III as Pope in 1549 and held office for five years until his death in 1555. Prior to becoming Pope Julius had been appointed a Cardinal and entrusted with representing the Pope's interest at the 1545 Council of Trent against the Emperor Charles V.

As Pope, Julius attempted to begin church reforms but without much success. His papacy was dominated by personal scandals, most especially his relationship with his adoptive nephew Innocenzo del Monte, a young boy originally from the streets of Rome upon whom he bestowed high office and numerous honors to widespread spectulation about their relationship.

Born: September 10, 1487
Birthplace: Monte San Savino, Tuscany
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: March 23, 1555 (aged 67)

Historical Events

  • 1544-11-19 Pope Paul III opens council of Trente
  • 1545-12-13 Council of Trent (19th ecumenical council) opened by Pope Paul III
  • 1550-02-07 Giovanni Maria del Monte elected Pope Julius III
  • 1550-11-14 Pope Julius III proclaims new seat on Council of Trente
  • 1551-05-01 Council of Trente resumes
  • 1551-06-08 Pope Julius III excommunicates Duke Ottario Farnese of Parma
  • 1553-08-12 Pope Julius III orders confiscation & burning of Jewish Talmud
  • 1554-11-30 England reconciles with Pope Julius III

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