Kamala Harris

49th US Vice President and Senator Kamala Harris

Full Name: Kamala Devi Harris
Profession: 49th US Vice President and Senator

United States of America

Biography: Kamala Harris made history in 2020 when she became the first Indian and the first woman of African American heritage to be elected as Vice President of the United States on the Democratic ticket with Joe Biden, defeating Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Educated in law, and the daughter of parents from Jamaica and India, Kamala Harris became District Attorney in California then Attorney General of the state in 2010. Her time in the post was noted for her refusal to defend Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage, which eventually led to its overturn.

In 2016 Harris was elected to the US Senate where she served on Select Committee on Intelligence and the Judiciary Committee, including famously questioning U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in 2017 on alleged Russian interference in the US elections.

Harris was initially a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for US President but dropped out of the race in December 2019. She was chosen as the Democratic vice presidential running mate after Jo Biden pledged to choose a woman and amid calls for social justice and Black Lives Matter protests across America.

Harris is also the author of a memoir and a well regarded book on criminal recidivism "Smart on Crime".

Born: October 20, 1964
Birthplace: Oakland, California, USA
Age: 58 years old

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Star Sign: Libra

Married Life

  • 2014-08-22 California Attorney General Kamala Harris marries lawyer Douglas Emhoff in Santa Barbara

Historical Events

  • 2019-12-03 Kamala Harris ends her campaign to be the Democratic candidate for president
  • 2020-08-20 Kamala Harris accepts her nomination for vice-president, becoming the 1st US woman of color on a major-party ticket saying "there is no vaccine for racism"
  • 2020-11-07 Kamala Harris makes US history as the 1st woman and 1st woman of color to be elected to the vice presidency (date election called)
  • 2020-11-29 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announce the first all-female Communications team for the White House
  • 2021-01-06 Supporters of US President Donald Trump storm the Capitol in Washington during congressional certification of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's win, resulting in five deaths and prompting evacuation of lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence
  • 2021-01-20 Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America and Kamala Harris as the 49th Vice President, the first female, black or south Asian Vice President. Amanda Gorman recites "The Hill We Climb"; previous office holder Donald Trump is first outgoing president to refuse to attend the inauguration of his successor since 1869 P
  • 2021-01-21 Avril Haines is sworn in as the first female US Director of National Intelligence by VP Kamala Harris
  • 2021-02-22 US death toll from COVID-19 passes 500,000, higher than US deaths in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War combined. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hold a candle-lighting ceremony outside the White House and say "we must not grow numb to the sorrow".
  • 2021-06-07 US Vice President Kamala Harris visiting Guatemala on her first foreign trip announces task forces on corruption and human trafficking
  • 2021-08-22 US Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Singapore to begin a short visit to South East Asia
  • 2022-12-11 Karen Bass sworn in as first female mayor of Los Angeles by Vice President Kamala Harris, declares a Homelessness state of emergency in the city
  • 2023-03-28 US Vice President Kamala Harris visits former slave port Cape Coast Castle in Ghana as part of her tour of Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia

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