Karl Marx

Communist Philosopher Karl Marx

Profession: Communist Philosopher


Biography: The German philosopher and revolutionary is of the most influential figures in modern human history.

In 1848 he published with Friedrich Engels "The Communist Manifesto" in Brussels describing how in the class struggle the workers could seize power from the elites. His many writings continued to build upon his ideas, most notably "Das Kapital" published in 1867, detailing his theory of capitalism and its self destructive tendencies.

As a result of Marx's ideas revolutionary socialist governments espousing Marxist concepts took power in a variety of countries in the 20th century, leading to the formation of states such as the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

Born: May 5, 1818
Birthplace: Trier, Germany
Star Sign: Taurus

Died: March 14, 1883 (aged 64)
Cause of Death: Bronchitis and pleurisy

Married Life

  • 1843-06-19 Philosopher Karl Marx (25) weds Jenny von Westphalen in Germany

Historical Events

  • 1842-10-15 Karl Marx becomes editor-in-chief of Rheinische Zeitung
  • 1848-02-21 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish "The Communist Manifesto" in London
  • 1848-06-01 Revolutionary newspaper "Neue Rheinische Zeitung" founded by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and the Communist League in Cologne
  • 1867-09-14 Karl Marx publishes "Das Kapital" Volume 1, his theory of the Capitalist system and how it is doomed to destroy itself
  • 1867-10-01 Karl Marx publishes "Das Kapital" in Berlin, a description of the capitalist system, its instability and tendency to self-destruction
  • 1872-09-10 Karl Marx speaks in Amsterdam
  • 1911-11-20 The funeral of Paul and Laura Lafargue (daughter of Karl Marx) in Paris is attended by Lenin; the two socialists died in a suicide pact in the belief that their political usefulness was at an end

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