Kim Jong-un

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un Full Name: Kim Jong-un

North Korean

Profession: Supreme Leader of North Korea
Why Famous: The son of Kim Jong-il and the grandson of Kim Il-sung, he is the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Born in 1983 he is the first North Korean leader born after the country's founding and the world's youngest head of state.

Born: January 8, 1983 (35 years old)
Star Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Pyongyang, North Korea

Historical Events in the Life of Kim Jong-un

  • 2012-07-18 Kim Jong-un is officially appointed Supreme Leader of North Korea and given the rank of Marshal in the Korean People's Army
  • 2018-03-05 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meets South Korean officials for the first time since taking office, hosting a dinner in Pyongyang
  • 2018-03-28 North Korea's Kim Jong-un meets Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing, China, his first trip outside of North Korea since coming to power in 2011

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