Louis XI

King of France Louis XI

Full Name: Called Louis the Prudent
Profession: King of France


Biography: Nicknamed 'the Prudent" Louis XI inherited a country from his father Charles VI that was weak and besieged by forces from outside the kingdom and within. By the time of his death in 1453 Louis was able to leave behind a more prosperous expanded Kingdom.

Louis's relationship with his father was a fractious one. At just 16 Louis took part in an uprising against Charles, the Praguerie, which failed. His father officially forgave him and he was given The Dauphiné, then separate from France, to administrate.

During his reign Louis was known for his scheming and for his constant travel throughout the kingdom. His organisation of the royal postal routes strengthened communications across the kingdom. He also abolished the Pragmatic Sanction, ensuring the Papacy could have little control over the Gallic church.

Louis' other achievements included finally ending the Hundred Years' War with England by signing the Treaty of Picquigny in 1475 with Edward IV. After the death of his sworn enemy Charles, Duke of Burgundy, Louis was also able to absorb the Duchy of Burgundy into the crown.

Born: July 3, 1423
Birthplace: Bourges, France
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: August 30, 1483 (aged 60)

Articles and Photos

Married Life

  • 1451-02-14 Louis, dauphin of France (later Louis XI) (27) marries Charlotte of Savoy (9) without the consent of King Charles VII

Historical Events

  • 1461-08-15 Louis XI is crowned King of France at Reims cathedral after the death of his father Charles VII
  • 1464-06-19 French King Louis XI forms postal service
  • 1465-07-16 Battle at Montlhéry between Louis XI and the League of the Public Weal
  • 1465-10-05 French King Louis XI signs peace with Charles the Stout
  • 1468-10-14 Treaty of Peronne: Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and French King Louis XI (held under duress) confirm the Treaty of Arras of 1435, Treaty of Conflans of 1465 and limited territorial gains for the Duke of Burgundy
  • 1475-08-29 Peace Treaty of Picquigny: King Louis XI buys English contacts
  • 1479-08-07 Battle of Guinegate: Emperor Maximilian I vs King Louis XI
  • 1482-12-23 The Peace of Atrecht (now Arras) concluded between Louis XI of France and Maximilian of Austria, ending the War of the Burgundian Succession

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