Mae Jemison

Astronaut and Physician Mae Jemison Full Name: Mae Jemison


Profession: Astronaut and Physician
Why Famous: Mae Jemison was the 1st African American woman in space in 1993 as a Mission Specialist on the Endeavour (STS-47). An employee of NASA since 1987 Jemison resigned in 1993 to form her own technology company.

Jemison is also the first real life astronaut to appear on the TV programme Star Trek. A long term fan, she guested on a episode in 1993.

Jemison has gone on to become an advocate for young people becoming involved in Science and Technology and is a Professor at Cornell University.

Born: October 17, 1956 (61 years old)
Star Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Decatur, Alabama, USA

Historical Events in the Life of Mae Jemison

  • 1992-09-12 Mae Jemison is the 1st African American woman to go into space (aboard Endeavour STS-47)
  • 1993-05-24 Star Trek episode "Second Chances" airs guest starring Mae Jemison, the 1st real life astronaut to appear on the show