Manuel Belgrano

Argentine Politician and Military Leader Manuel Belgrano

Full Name: Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano y González
Profession: Argentine Politician and Military Leader


Biography: Regarded as one of the main liberators of Argentina, Belgrano participated in the Argentine Wars of Independence and created the Argentine flag. He was involved in several military expeditions and campaigns during the independence wars.

In 1816 he participated in the Congress of Tucumán which declared the independence of Argentina. Later he took control of the Army of the North before he died of dropsy on 20 June 1820. His last words were "¡Ay, Patria mía!" (Oh, my country!).

Born: June 3, 1770
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Governorate of the Rio de la Plata, Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru
Star Sign: Gemini

Died: June 20, 1820 (aged 50)
Cause of Death: Dropsy

Historical Events

  • 1812-02-27 The flag of Argentina, created by Manuel Belgrano, is first raised at Rosario
  • 1816-07-09 Argentina declares independence from Spain at the Congress of Tucumán

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