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Manuel L. Quezon

2nd President of the Philippines Manuel L. Quezon

Profession: 2nd President of the Philippines


Biography: A major figure during Philippine fight for independence, Quezon first joined the Aguinaldo-led anti US resistance in 1899. By 1909 he was serving as commissioner to the US Senate for the Philippines.

After being elected to the Senate and becoming its President he was instrumental in getting the Tydings-McDuffie Independence Law passed in the US in 1934. This gave the Philippines independence after a 10 year period.

Queron was elected the Philippines 2nd President in 1935 as its first Filippino President and the first to be nationally elected. In government Quezon addressed the issue of landless peasants, and reorganized much of the government.

Quezon also worked with General MacArthur to strengthen the Philippines militarily, but it was in vain and when the Japanese invaded in 1941 Quezon fled to the US. There he formed a government in exile. He died in the US in 1944.

Quezon City, part of Greater Manilia, which Quezon founded, is named after him, as is Quezon province. He is also known as the "Father of the National Language" for advocating Filipino-language amendments to the 1935 Constitution.

Born: August 19, 1878
Birthplace: Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Star Sign: Leo

Died: August 1, 1944 (aged 65)
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

Married Life

  • 1918-12-17 Philippine Senator (and later 2nd President) Manuel L. Quezon (40) weds first cousin Aurora Aragon (30) in Hong Kong

Historical Events

  • 1935-09-17 Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina chosen 2nd President of Philippines
  • 1940-04-01 Filipino President Quezon officially authorizes the printing and publication of the grammar and dictionary prepared by the Institute of the National Language.

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