Maria Theresa of Spain

Queen of Louis XIV Maria Theresa of Spain

Profession: Queen of Louis XIV


Biography: Queen of France and Navarre as the first wife of King Louis XIV. Famed for her virtue and piety, she was only barely able to fulfill her duty as queen by producing a male heir to the throne, since five of her six children died in early childhood.

She is frequently viewed as an object of pity in historical accounts of her husband's reign, since she had no choice but to tolerate his many illicit love affairs.

Born: September 10, 1638
Birthplace: El Escorial, Spain
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: July 30, 1683 (aged 44)

Married Life

  • 1660-06-09 French King Louis XIV (21) marries Maria Theresa of Spain (21) at Saint-Jean-de-Luz

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