Marie Francois Xavier Bichat

Anatomist and Physiologist Marie Francois Xavier Bichat Full Name: Marie Francois Xavier Bichat


Profession: Anatomist and Physiologist
Why Famous: Father of modern histology and descriptive anatomy.

Born: November 14, 1771
Birthplace: Paris, France
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: July 22, 1802 (aged 30)
Cause of Death: Fell down a set of stairs at Hotel-Dieu and acquired a fever

Biography: Marie Fran├žois Xavier Bichat was a French anatomist and physiologist who is best remembered as the father of modern histology and descriptive anatomy. Despite working without a microscope, he was the first to introduce the notion of tissues as distinct entities, and maintained that diseases attacked tissues rather than whole organs. (Wikipedia)

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