Mark McGwire

MLB First Baseman Mark McGwire Full Name: Mark McGwire


Profession: MLB First Baseman
Why Famous: Nicknamed "Big Mac", played first base for the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals between 1986 and 2001. He averaged a home run once every 10.61 at bats, the best at bats per home run ratio in baseball history, and achieved national fame in 1998 in his pursuit of Roger Maris' single-season home run record.

Born: October 1, 1963 (54 years old)
Star Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Pomona, California, USA

Married Life

  • 1984-12-29 MLB player Mark McGwire (21) weds Kathlene Hughes
  • 2002-04-20 MLB player Mark McGwire (38) weds Stephanie Slemer (26) in Las Vegas, Nevada

Historical Events in the Life of Mark McGwire

  • 1986-08-25 A's Mark McGwire hits his 1st major league home run
  • 1987-07-05 As' Mark McGwire is 1st rookie to hit 30 home runs before All Star break
  • 1987-08-14 Oakland's Mark McGwire sets rookie HR record at 39, en route to 49
  • 1987-11-03 Oakland 1st baseman Mark McGwire wins AL Rookie of Year
  • 1989-07-05 Mark McGwire's gets 100th HR, 2nd fastest (1400 at bats) (to Kiner)
  • 1990-08-15 Mark McGwire is 1st to hit 30 HRs in each of his 1st 4 seasons
  • 1996-09-14 As' Mark McGwire is 13th player to hit 50-HRs in a season
  • 1997-04-20 Mark McGwire is 4th to HR on Detroit Tiger left field roof (others are Frank Howard, Harmon Killibrew, & Cecil Fielder)
  • 1997-06-24 Mark McGwire hits a 538 foot home run
  • 1997-07-31 A's trade Mark McGwire to St Louis Cardinals
  • 1997-09-10 Mark McGwire joins Babe Ruth as only the players to hit 50 HRs in 2 consecutive years
  • 1997-09-16 Mark McGwire signs with the St Louis Cardinals for $26M
  • 1997-09-28 St Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire hits his 58th HR of 1997 (34 with Oak A's)
  • 1999-02-15 7th ESPY Awards: Mark McGwire, Chamique Holdsclaw win
  • 2000-09-16 Sammy Sosa becomes the second player to hit 50 or more home runs in three consecutive years, joining Mark McGwire

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