Martin Luther

Theologian and Founder of Protestantism Martin Luther

Profession: Theologian and Founder of Protestantism


Biography: A seminal figure of the 16th-century movement in Christianity known later as the Protestant Reformation, thanks in large part to his Ninety-Five Theses.

His refusal to retract all of his writings at the demand of Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521 resulted in his excommunication by the Pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the Emperor.

Born: November 10, 1483
Birthplace: Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: February 18, 1546 (aged 62)

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Married Life

  • 1525-06-13 Martin Luther marries Katharina von Bora, against the celibacy rule decreed by the Roman Catholic Church for priests and nuns.

Historical Events

  • 1501-01-14 Martin Luther enters the University of Erfurt, aged 17
  • 1505-07-02 After an encounter with a violent thunderstorm, Martin Luther declares that he will become a monk
  • 1505-07-17 Martin Luther enters into an Augustinian monastery at Erfurt
  • 1512-10-19 Martin Luther becomes a doctor of theology (Doctor in Biblia)
  • 1512-10-21 Martin Luther joins the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg.
  • 1517-10-31 Martin Luther sends his 95 Theses to Albrecht von Brandenburg, the Archbishop of Mainz, precipitating the Protestant Reformation
  • 1518-10-12 Pontifical ambassador interrogates Martin Luther
  • 1519-07-16 Public debate between Martin Luther and theologian Johann Eck at Pleissenburg Castle in Liepzig, during which Luther denies the divine right of the Pope
  • 1520-12-10 Martin Luther publicly burns papal edict demanding he recant
  • 1521-01-03 Martin Luther is excommunicated by Pope Leo X from the Roman Catholic Church for failing to recant parts of his Ninety-five Theses which started the Protestant Reformation
  • 1521-01-28 Emperor Charles V opens the Diet of Worms in Worms, Germany which lasts until May 25th; Produced the "Edict of Worms" which denounced Martin Luther
  • 1521-04-16 Martin Luther arrives at the Diet of Worms assembly
  • 1521-04-18 Diet of Worms: Cardinal Alexander questions Martin Luther
  • 1521-05-08 Parliament of Worms installs edict against Martin Luther
  • 1521-05-25 Edict of Worms outlaws Martin Luther and his followers
  • 1522-03-09 Martin Luther begins preaching his "Invocavit Sermons" in the German city of Wittenberg, reminding citizens to trust God's word rather than violence and thus helping bring to a close the revolutionary stage of the Reformation

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