Mats Wilander

Tennis Player and Seven-Time Major Champion Mats Wilander Full Name: Mats Wilander


Profession: Tennis Player and Seven-Time Major Champion
Why Famous: From 1982 to 1988, he won seven Grand Slam singles titles (three at the French Open, three at the Australian Open, and one at the US Open). In 1988, he won three of the four Grand Slam events, and finished the season ranked number one in the world.

Born: August 22, 1964 (53 years old)
Star Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Vaxjo, Sweden

Married Life

  • 1987-01-03 Tennis player champ Mats Wilander (22) weds model Sonya Mulholland in South Africa

Historical Events in the Life of Mats Wilander

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