Moshe Dayan

Israeli Politician and General Moshe Dayan

Profession: Israeli Politician and General


Biography: Distinguished visually by his trademark eye patch gained from losing an eye in combat, Dayan was a significant figure in the early history of Israel. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Dayan was the commander of the Jerusalem front, and later became leader of Southern Command.

After that conflict Dayan served in a succession of important posts. During the Suez Crisis he was the Chief of Staff of the Israeli military, and more famously he was the Minister of Defence during the 1967 Six-Day War. He last served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1977 to 1979.

Born: May 20, 1915
Birthplace: Degania Alef, Ottoman Empire

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Star Sign: Taurus

Died: October 16, 1981 (aged 66)
Cause of Death: Heart attack

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Historical Events

  • 1958-01-26 H Laskow replaces Moshe Dayan on as Israeli minister of Defense
  • 1979-10-21 Israeli minister of Foreign affairs Moshe Dayan resigns

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