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Nathanael Greene

US General Nathanael Greene

Profession: US General

United States of America

Biography: Forged a reputation as one of George Washington's most effective officers during the American Revolutionary War. Greene was made General in the newly created Continental Army in 1775 and its third Quartermaster General in 1778.

Greene went on to commanded the highly successful Southern theater of the American Revolutionary War, replacing General Horatio Gates.

Born: August 7, 1742
Birthplace: Potowomut, Rhode Island, British America
Star Sign: Leo

Died: June 19, 1786 (aged 43)

Historical Events

  • 1775-06-14 US Army first forms as the Continental Army to fight American Revolutionary War
  • 1775-10-08 Officers decide to bar slaves and free blacks from the Continental Army
  • 1778-03-02 Nathanael Greene is appointed Quartermaster General of the Continental Army under George Washington
  • 1781-03-15 Battle of Guilford Court House; British troops under Cornwallis defeat American forces but their heavy losses led to ceding of territory and a strategic loss
  • 1783-11-03 George Washington orders Continental Army disbanded

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