Norman Mailer

Novelist Norman Mailer Full Name: Norman Mailer


Profession: Novelist
Why Famous: His best fiction novel "The Executioner's Song" for which he won one of his two Pulitzer Prizes was published in 1979.

Born: January 31, 1923
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: NYC, New York, USA

Died: November 10, 2007 (aged 84)
Cause of Death: Renal failure

Articles on Norman Mailer

Married Life

  • 1980-11-11 Novelist Norman Mailer (57) weds Norris Church (31) in Brooklyn, New York

Historical Events in the Life of Norman Mailer

  • 1969-05-05 Pulitzer prize awarded to Norman Mailer (Armies of the Night)
  • 1980-04-14 Pulitzer prize awarded to Norman Mailer (Executioner's Song)

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