O. Henry

Short Story Writer O. Henry

Full Name: William Sydney Porter
Profession: Short Story Writer

United States of America

Biography: One of the world's great short story writers who wrote under the pseudonym O. Henry. His stories are famous for their clever wordplay and surprise endings.

While on the run from an embezzlement charge in Honduras he also coined the term "banana republic" to describe an unstable tropical nation in Latin America with an economy focused on a single or handful of agricultural exports.

Born: September 11, 1862
Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: June 5, 1910 (aged 47)
Cause of Death: A heavy driver, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes complications and an enlarged heart all contributed to his death

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  • 1898-03-25 Writer O. Henry sentenced to 5 years in prison for embezzling $854 from a bank reportedly to pay for his sick wife's medical bills. Goes on to write many classics while in jail including "Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking".
  • 1901-07-24 Writer O. Henry is released from prison in Austin, Texas after serving three years for embezzlement from a bank

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