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Oliver Cromwell

English Military and Political Leader Oliver Cromwell

Profession: English Military and Political Leader


Why Famous: Leader of Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War, reluctantly agreed to be appointed Lord Protector after the execution of Charles I.

One of only two commoners to become the English head of state, the other being his son, Richard Cromwell.

Born: April 25, 1599
Birthplace: Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
Star Sign: Taurus

Died: September 3, 1658 (aged 59)
Cause of Death: Septicaemia following a urinary infection

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Historical Events

  • 1643-07-27 Oliver Cromwell defeats Royalists at Battle of Gainsborough
  • 1645-06-14 Battle of Naseby, Leicestershire: "New Model Army" under Oliver Cromwell & Thomas Fairfax beat royalists forces of English King Charles I
  • 1645-07-10 Battle at Langport, Somerset: Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army beats Royalists
  • 1649-09-11 Massacre of Drogheda, Ireland - Oliver Cromwell kills 3,000 royalists
  • 1650-09-03 Battle of Dunbar; Oliver Cromwell's English New Model Army defeats Scottish force in surprise attack
  • 1651-09-03 Battle of Worcester: Oliver Cromwell's New Model army destroys English royalist force of mainly Scots in last battle of English Civil War
  • 1653-04-20 Oliver Cromwell routes English parliament to house
  • 1653-12-16 Parliamentarian General Oliver Cromwell appointed as Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland
  • 1655-08-09 Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell divides England into 11 districts
  • 1655-11-24 English Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell bans Anglicans
  • 1657-02-04 Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, grants residency to Luis Caravajal
  • 1657-03-31 English Parliament makes the Humble Petition to Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell offering him the crown: he declines
  • 1657-04-03 English Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell refuses crown
  • 1657-07-13 Oliver Cromwell constrains English army leader John Lambert
  • 1661-01-30 Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed after having been dead for two years

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