Oliver North

Political Commentator and Iran-Contra Figure Oliver North

Profession: Political Commentator and Iran-Contra Figure

United States of America

Biography: North is a decorated American service member who has held numerous political and public appointments, including as a member of the National Security Council and as President of the National Rifle Association. He also ran for the United States Senate in 1994, challenging the incumbent, Chuck Robb, in Virginia.

Oliver North is perhaps best known for his involvement in the 1980s with the Iran-Contra affair, a political scandal concerning the illegal sale of weapons to the Iranian regime and the illicit diversion of the proceeds from this sale to the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua.

Fortunately for North, he was given limited immunity in return for his testifying before Congress; and then the three felony charges on which was convicted, for which he served a short period of community service, were overturned in 1991.

Since then, North has returned to politics and taken up a career as a commentator with a Radio America show and a series on Fox News: War Stories with Oliver North.

Born: October 7, 1943
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Age: 79 years old

Generation: Silent Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Goat/Sheep
Star Sign: Libra

Historical Events

  • 1981-08-04 Oliver North is assigned to White House duty
  • 1986-11-25 Oliver North's secretary, Fawn Hall, smuggles documents out of his office
  • 1987-03-12 Federal judge dismisses lawsuits sought by Oliver North
  • 1987-06-08 Oliver North's secretary Fawn Hall testifies at Iran-Contra hearing
  • 1987-07-07 Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North begins public testimony at Iran-Contra hearing
  • 1987-07-09 Colonel Oliver North admits to shredding Iran-Contra evidence
  • 1987-07-14 Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North concludes 6 days of Congressional testimony
  • 1988-12-30 Oliver North subpoenas US Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as defense witnesses for his upcoming trial
  • 1989-04-14 In the Iran-Contra trial, Oliver North's case goes to the jury
  • 2018-05-07 Iran-Contra figure Oliver North announced as the new President of the US National Rifle Association

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