Olympe de Gouges

Playwright and Revolutionary Olympe de Gouges

Full Name: Marie Gouze
Profession: Playwright and Revolutionary


Biography: Beginning her career as a playwright in pre-revolutionary France, Gouges became politically active after the outbreak of revolution in 1789.

She was an advocate for abolishing slaves in the colonies, but is best known for her work as an early feminist writer. In this position she wrote her best-known work, the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen.

After publishing this she was arrested, tried and executed during the Reign of Terror, as an accused Girondist.

Born: May 7, 1748
Birthplace: Montauban, Guyenne-and-Gascony,, France
Star Sign: Taurus

Died: November 3, 1793 (aged 45)
Cause of Death: Executed by guillotine

Historical Events

  • 1793-11-03 French playwright, journalist and feminist Olympe de Gouges is guillotined