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Owen D. Young

Diplomat and Industrialist Owen D. Young

Profession: Diplomat and Industrialist

United States of America

Biography: Young chaired a committee which authored 1929's Young Plan, a program for settlement of German reparations after World War I.

In his business career, Young Founded the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) as a subsidiary of General Electric in 1919, becoming its first chairman.

Born: October 27, 1874
Birthplace: Stark, New York, USA
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: July 11, 1962 (aged 87)

Married Life

  • 1898-06-13 US diplomat Owen D. Young weds Josephine Sheldon Edmonds in Southbridge, Massachusetts

Historical Events

  • 1929-08-31 Committee chaired by Owen D. Young finalizes the "Young Plan" to reduce German reparations from World War I to 112 billion Gold Marks ($US8 billion) paid over 59 years

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