Philip the Good

Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good

Profession: Duke of Burgundy

Nationality: Burgundian

Biography: Born into the Valois dynasty, Phillip was Duke of Burgundy from 1419 until his death in 1467. Under his rule, Burgundy reached its highest point in terms of power and prestige—including as a cultural centre. Phillip is credited with his patronage of artists, including Jan van Eyck, and a variety of administrative reforms.

Phillip is also known for having captured Joan of Arc at the Siege of Compiègne. He then sold her to the English, who tried her for heresy and later executed her.

Born: July 31, 1396
Birthplace: Dijon, Burgundy
Star Sign: Leo

Died: June 15, 1467 (aged 70)

Married Life

  • 1429-07-14 Duke Philip the Good (33) weds Isabella of Portugal (32) by proxy (he in Burgundy, she in Portugal)
  • 1430-01-07 Duke Philip the Good (33) formally celebrate marriage Isabella of Portugal (32) in Sluys, Burgundy

Historical Events

  • 1425-07-19 Duke John VI of Brabant pledges Holland/Zealand to Philip the Good
  • 1428-06-29 Jacoba of Bavaria signs cease fire with Philip the Good
  • 1428-07-03 Treaty of Delft between Jacoba of Bavaria & Philip the Good of Burgundy
  • 1430-01-10 Catholic Order of the Golden Fleece founded in Bruges in celebration of the prosperous and wealthy domains of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy
  • 1430-10-05 Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy visits Brussels
  • 1435-09-21 Treaty of Arras (1435) signed between Charles VII of France and Philip the Good of Burgundy
  • 1453-07-23 Battle at Gavere: Philip the Good beats Gentse rebellion

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