Pieter Menten

War Criminal Pieter Menten

Full Name: Pieter Nicolaas Menten
Profession: War Criminal


Biography: Menten was a wealthy landowner and businessman prior to World War II, although Dutch, he had many business interests that brought him to Poland.

During his time in Poland, he came to hold a grudge against a neighbouring Jewish family. When he returned in 1941 after the Nazi occupation, Menten is reported to have personally helped shoot member of the family against which he held a grudge.

He was arrested on his person train after being recognised by members of the Dutch Resistance. Menten was then brought to trial, yet with the prosecution unable to prove most of their charges, he ended up with only an eight-month sentence for having worked as a uniformed Nazi interpreter.

Later the case was reopened, with Menten having since gone on to be even more successful. During the case, a petrol bomb was thrown at his mansion, which suffered extensive damage.

Menten was this time sentenced to ten years in prison for war crimes, including his involvement in the murder of Jewish villagers in Poland.

Born: May 26, 1899
Birthplace: Rotterfam, Netherlands

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Gemini

Died: November 14, 1987 (aged 88)

Historical Events

  • 1976-11-14 Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten captured one day after fleeing
  • 1976-12-06 Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten arrested in Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1977-12-14 Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten sentenced in Amsterdam to 15 years
  • 1978-06-01 High Council destroys judgment against Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten
  • 1978-12-04 Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten freed
  • 1980-07-09 Dutch war criminal Pieter Menten sentenced to 10 years

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