Pius V

Pope Pius V

Full Name: Antonio Ghislieri
Profession: Pope


Biography: Pope Pius V rose from relatively humble origins in Lombardy to become pope in 1566 and ruled until his death in 1572.

Pius reacted against the previous excesses of earlier popes, condemning acts of nepotism and getting rid of the papal jester. His own behaviour was strict and he lived as an ascetic.

As Pope, Pius implemented the reforms of the Council of Trent, which over the previous decades has been called to address and prevent the spread of protestantism throughout Europe. Pius pursued heretics of the church relentlessly throughout his reign and excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I of England in 1570. He also oversaw the standardisation of the Roman Catholic mass in 1570, that was to remain unchanged for 400 years..

In 1571 he formed the Holy League to fight the increasing dominance of the Ottomans in the Mediterranean and its forces won the famous Battle of Lepanto later the same year.

He was canonized as a saint by Pope Clement XI in 1712.

Born: January 17, 1504
Birthplace: Bosco, Duchy of Milan
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: May 1, 1572 (aged 68)

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Historical Events

  • 1566-01-07 Antonio "Michele" Ghislieri is elected Pope Pius V
  • 1570-02-25 Pius V excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England for heresy and persecution of English Catholics during her reign. Also absolves her subjects from allegiance to the crown.
  • 1570-07-14 Pope Pius V introduces a standardised Roman Missal (text of the Latin mass), a reform of the Council of Trent. Will remain unchanged for 400 years.
  • 1571-05-25 Pope Pius V forms The Holy League to fight the Ottomans with other Catholic maritime states including Spain, Venice, Naples and Sicily
  • 1571-10-07 Battle of Lepanto: Holy League of southern European nations formed by Pope Pius V destroy an Ottoman fleet in a significant loss off Western Greece
  • 1712-05-22 Pope Pius V is canonized by Pope Clement XI

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