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Pompey the Great

Roman Military and Political Leader Pompey the Great

Full Name: Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
Profession: Roman Military and Political Leader

Roman Empire

Biography: Military and political leader of the late Roman Republic. His immense success as a general while still very young enabled him to advance directly to his first consulship without meeting the normal requirements for office. He was consul three times, and celebrated three triumphs.

In the mid-60 BC, he joined Marcus Licinius Crassus and Gaius Julius Caesar in the unofficial military-political alliance known as the First Triumvirate.

Born: September 29, 106 BC
Birthplace: Picenum, Italy
Star Sign: Libra

Died: September 28, 48 BC (aged 57)
Cause of Death: Assassinated on the command of Ptolemy XIII

Historical Events

  • 0061-09-29 BC Pompey the Great celebrates his third triumph for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars on his 45th birthday.
  • 0048-09-28 BC Pompey the Great is assassinated on orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt after landing in Egypt.

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