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Richard Arkwright

Industrialist and Inventor Richard Arkwright

Profession: Industrialist and Inventor


Biography: Arkwright was one of the pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, he is credited with invented the spinning frame, which meant that thread could be spun in a mechanized, industrial fashion.

Arkwright was also responsible for inventing an improved carding machine.

His organizational skills at his cotton mill at Cromford in Derbyshire, England, with two 12 hour shifts and regulations for workers meant Arkwright essentially created the modern factory system.

Born: December 23, 1732
Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: August 3, 1792 (aged 59)

Historical Events

  • 1775-12-16 Englishman Richard Arkwright receives a patent for his carding machine for use in cotton mills
  • 1790-12-20 1st successful US cotton mill begins spinning yarn in Pawtucket, Rhode Island built by Samuel Slater based on Richard Arkwright's design