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Robert Gascoyne-Cecil

British Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil

Full Name: Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
Profession: British Prime Minister

United Kingdom

Biography: Commonly known as Lord Salisbury, he served a total of thirteen years as Prime Minister across three different terms. Before being Prime Minister, Salisbury served a series of high profile positions, including Secretary of State for India and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Salisbury succeeded William Gladstone as prime minister for the first time in 1885, though this government lasted less than a year. Salisbury opposed Home Rule for Ireland and revolted against Gladstone in 1886, forming an alliance with a breakaway party and winning the general election of that year.

In 1899 Salisbury led Britain into the Second Boer War. He is considered to have been a strong and effective leader in foreign affairs.

Born: February 3, 1830
Birthplace: Hatfield, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Aquarius

Died: August 22, 1903 (aged 73)
Cause of Death: A fall from a chair

Historical Events

  • 1886-07-28 British government led by Lord Salisbury forms
  • 1888-10-29 Lord Salisbury grants Cecil Rhodes charter for British South Africa Company
  • 1890-05-13 Lord Salisbury offers Helgoland to Germany in exchange for Zanzibar, Uganda & Equatoria
  • 1900-03-11 British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury rejects peace overtures from the Boer leader Paul Kruger (on 5 March) as demanding too-favourable terms
  • 1902-07-11 British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury resigns
  • 1902-07-12 Arthur Balfour succeeds Lord Salisbury, who retired as British Prime Minister on 11 July

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